Green Building Solutions

1 – Less Power Consumption

2 – Cost Effective

3 – Human Friendly

4 -Environment Friendly

5 – Naturally Ventilated

6 – Maximum Use of Natural Light

7 – Better Working Environment

8 – Greater Productivity of Workers and Employees

9 – Effective heat reflectance and resistance.

ASM Steel Buildings help its clients to enjoy the advantages of Green Buildings through smart engineering and better product line that results into long term cost benefits. Our experts will guide you to make your project initially cost effective as well as beneficent in the long run through Optimized Power Consumption, Enhanced Performance, Low Environmental Impact, Better Productivity of Worker etc.

Some additional befits of GREEN BUILDINGS are highlighted through Pakistan Green Building Council (PGBC) by providing LEED rating program to quantify the measurement of quality of green rating in order to encourage the implementation of green concept.

The PGBC cites the following advantages for green building:

a – A decrease in a buildings operational costs and increase energy savings:

b – Improved employee productivity and satisfaction:

c – Optimize lifecycle economic performance:

d – Reduce solid-waste;improve air, thermal and acoustic environments:

e – Enhanced asset value and profits:

f – Contribute to overall quality of life: