Standing-seam Screw-less Roof Sheeting

Limitless Design Flexibility

Providing a seamless transition from roof to wall, Our Standing-seam Screw-less roof sheeting offers the designer freedom to combine functionality with stunning aesthetics, to create truly extraordinary leak-proof buildings.

The unique on-site formability of Standing-seam enables design and functionality to be combined with technical perfection by providing zero tolerance for water leakage. Convex and concave curves – formed naturally or mechanically – open up a world of opportunities for creating striking architectural statements that are equally water proof.

Our aluminum standing seam profiles are able to meet the most demanding construction and design requirements to create roofs and facades that successfully combine outstanding functionality with stunning aesthetics. The design potential is virtually limitless – from the discreet to the elaborate; combining sophisticated elegance with contemporary design.


• Water Tight

• Air Tight

• Screw-less thus have high resistance to corrosion

• perfect system solutions

• limitless design potential

• state-of-the-art production technology

• highly sophisticated, light weight building system

• ultimate product quality

• innovative material combinations

• harmonious integration of shapes, colors and surfaces