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Glass Wool Blanket Insulation

  • This is the most economical and workable solution for industrial and commercial buildings.
  • Hot and Cold weather effects can be efficiently controlled by an Insulation blankets in steel buildings.
  • A 50mm glass wool insulation blanket can be very effective for medium and high buildings.
  • We provide insulation in different thicknesses according to your building usage and area weather requirements.

Rock Wool Insulation

  • This is very high-density insulation from 35 kg/m3 to 100kg/m3 used for high-end shopping malls, residential buildings, etc.

ASM Recommended Product

Insulation Type: Fiberglass
Insulation Foam: Blanket
Density: 10 Kg/m3
Thickness: 50 mm
Inside Facing:  white
Inner Facing: Fire Retardant

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