Free Consultation and Drawings

Our team of engineers will provide a free initial consultation for your project in order to optimize the building with the smartest and economical solutions.

Estimation & Quotation

Once the concept design of the building is finalized then we will provide a complete quotation for your building along with detailed proposal drawings.

Signing Contract

ASM Steel offers a detailed contract that explicitly mentions all the design parameters, codes, references that are used for the costing of steel structure.

Detail Design

An Approval Drawing of a steel building is prepared by designing each element of that building with the help of advanced and high-tech software as well as latest American codes.

Fabrication & Supply

Raw material is procured from reputable manufacturers worldwide along with a steady stock that helps us to provide our customers with the best quality buildings at an economical price.


Installation is one of the most vital activities of a pre-engineered steel building as the major defects in a building are mainly caused due to improper installation.