ASM Steel Buildings specializes in providing pre-fabricated steel buildings that cater to the aviation industry. From hangars to maintenance facilities, our steel buildings offer versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. In this blog, we will explore the various applications and benefits of pre-fabricated steel buildings in aviation.

  • Aircraft Hangars: Pre-fabricated steel buildings can be customized to create spacious and secure aircraft hangars, providing protection for planes and equipment.
  • Maintenance Facilities: Steel buildings offer ample space for aviation maintenance and repair operations, accommodating tools, equipment, and workstations.
  • Quick Construction: The use of pre-fabricated components allows for fast construction, minimizing downtime and allowing aviation operations to resume promptly.
  • Design Flexibility: Steel buildings can be designed to meet the specific needs of aviation facilities, including specialized door systems, insulation, and ventilation requirements.
  • Clear-Span Structures: Pre-fabricated steel buildings provide column-less interiors, allowing for unobstructed movement of aircraft and efficient use of space.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Steel buildings offer cost savings through reduced construction time, lower maintenance requirements, and energy-efficient features.
  • Scalability: Pre-fabricated steel buildings can be easily expanded or modified to accommodate future changes in aircraft fleet size or operational needs.
  • Weather Resistance: Steel buildings are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, providing a safe and secure environment for aviation assets.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Steel buildings can be designed to meet local and international regulations and safety standards for aviation facilities.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Pre-fabricated steel buildings can be customized with various exterior finishes, giving aviation facilities a professional and attractive appearance.


ASM Steel Buildings understands the unique requirements of the aviation industry and offers pre-fabricated steel buildings that meet the needs of aircraft hangars, maintenance facilities, and other aviation applications.

Contact us today to discuss your aviation construction needs and take advantage of the versatility and benefits that pre-fabricated steel buildings provide