Aircraft Hangar

Aircraft Hangar by ASM is designed for a tough environment with extremely large openings for operational uses.

1. Clear Span or Multi-Span

Most aviation departments prefer buildings without center columns (Clear Span/Clear Entrance) for aircraft.

2. Aviation utility Buildings

ASM Steel specializes in offering turnkey solutions for the aircraft maintenance sector including utility buildings, offices, etc.

3. Aircraft Hangar Cranes

We specialize in providing valuable services in the maintenance hangar sector with special cranes including under-hung cranes, underhung telescopic maintenance platforms, etc.

4. Roof/Wall Sheets

We have used different types of roof and wall cladding for aircraft hangars. (See Products)

5. Steel Armored Plates

Safe and Secure bullet or bombs proof sheets are used as aircraft hangar walls as well as doors.

6. Parking Hangars

ASM Steel has designed several parking sheds for aircraft.

7. Modifications

This is a very important and complex activity in aviation structures to modify or repair the buildings, hangar, hangar doors, and other related accessories.

Hangar Doors

We also designed and manufactured hangar doors for covering the entrance openings. We have fabricated and installed several sliding Hangar doors in a very short duration. We offer Robust, Economical, and Modern Design by following all the latest International Design and Fabrication Standards.

1.Top Wheels

Top wheels assembly is the most crucial part of a hangar door as failure can result in inward or outward door collapse.

2. Bottom Wheels

Bottom wheels assembly is also the most crucial part of a hangar door as the bear and move the load of heavy-duty door panels during the life cycle of the structure.

3. Motor System

To ensure sufficient horsepower, we offer the variable frequency motor reducer which is maintenance-free.

4. Automatic Control System

A centralized Control unit shall have PLC control system to regulate all the automatic features of the door.

5. Safety Alarms

To avoid any mishap during door movement, safety alarms are very necessary.

6. Personal Exit Door

To save time, energy, a personal door is necessary for regular human movement.

7. Remote Control Device

To control every activity like door movement speed, closing, opening, stop and etc.

8. Limit Switches

Required on most enclosures for safety and auxiliary circuits control, switching off/On conditioning with the door open/close

9. Heavy Duty Top Track

Pre-engineered Top track beams are provided for firm support to door panels from the top. A complete hustle-free installation and alignments for the top track beams.

10. Rails Drainage

An efficient drainage system for Bottom track rails.

11. Bumper Plates

Soundproof Bumper Plates to push the door next door panel.

12. Door Sealing

Sealing is a very primary feature in any aircraft hangar door as effective sealing prevents birds, animals, dust, etc. from entering the building.

13. Tug Plates

These plates are provided for Manual Door Movement in the absence of Electric Supply.

14. Doors Stopper

Soundproof Bumper Doors Stopper are provided for a safe stop.

15. Door Panel Skeletal system

Fully pre-engineered easy to assemble steel skeletal system for the door panels.

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