Commercial Hubs

ASM Steel buildings have a lot of expertise in commercial buildings. We have delivered many big shopping malls in Pakistan. These are amazing architectural and environmentally friendly structures. We provide the following types of Commercial Buildings.

a) Shopping Malls

These types of structures are necessary for every city but in steel structures, you get huge and beautiful structures in a very short duration at an economical price.

b) Commercial Markets

We provide complete markets with shop partitioning including sliding and rollup shutter doors with complete sensor automation.

c) Commercial City

ASM Steel Buildings had the opportunity to create the biggest commercial center in Quetta Pakistan. Quetta Commercial center is the largest cluster of steel buildings in Pakistan.

d) Parking Sheds

Mostly commercial center prefers parking buildings in steel structures. These structures are very economically and most important thing is that you can move them after installation where
ever you want.

e) Parking Buildings

These types of buildings are only built-in steel structures. We provide it completely with a movable parking platforms chain system for vehicles and these multi-story parking buildings can adjust a huge amount of vehicles in a small covered area.

f) Commercial Warehouses

Every commercial hub needs a warehouse for goods storage with specific environments. ASM Steel can design and install steel warehouses for specific goods at a very reasonable cost.

g) Commercial Offices

We provide complete office buildings along with drywall partitions for staff and other purposes in steel structures. You can shift complete office very easily where you want without any destruction.

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