The uniqueness and un-symmetrical look of the buildings create a beautiful and amazing eye catchy attraction and this is possible only in steel structures. The complexity of steel architecture flows from its nature as a precise blend of art, science, engineering, computer modeling, and construction know-how. By choosing ASM Steel Buildings you can achieve your next steel architectural masterpiece for Marquees, Domes, Terminal Stations, Institutions, Entrances, rooftops, Hotels, etc.

a) Shopping Malls

We are experts in manufacturing high-end exotic shopping malls with unique shapes and features. The unique on-site formability of Standing-seam (T-seam) enables design and functionality to be combined with technical perfection. Convex and concave curves – formed naturally or mechanically – open up a world of opportunities for creating striking architectural statements.

b) Exotic Facades

ASM Steel Buildings offers a range of eye-catching facades with exciting choices of colors and shades. Architects can express their own personal style with individual architecture. The use of aesthetically compelling materials makes creativity possible and the great architectural charm is evolved with its diversity.

c) Sports Auditoriums

In the sports category, you need clear spans large enclosures for different games like basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc. We provide complete structures for sports facilities with highly exotic roofs and boundary-covered areas.

d)Aviation Structures

In the world of aviation, most airports are exotic structures. ASM Steel Buildings design, fabricate and install complete aviation steel structures with huge boarding areas as well as terminal and aircraft hangars.

e)Government Buildings

Every Govt. want to create unique popularity with their work, this popularity is only possible with unique exotic structures. You can simply learn or remind building names with their exotic looks.

f)Hotels and Restaurants

Most hotels have their famous name according to their exotic look. We design, fabricate and install such types of buildings with complete partitions in steel structures.


Some medical departments prefer striking looks to create a symbolic structure. We design and provide all types of such related buildings with the complete external look as well as internal partition labs, offices, wards and etc.

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