Industrial Structures

There are many types of industries and every industry have their own special requirements. We design, fabricate and install all types of industrial structures with green building solutions.

a) Overhead Cranes Buildings

Some mechanical industries use overhead cranes for heavy-duty weight movements. We design such types of buildings with complete collateral weights and also provide overhead cranes according to your requirements.

b) Ware Houses

Warehousing is a necessary element of every industry and all industries need their warehouses with suitable size and environment. We provide all kinds of warehouses as per client requirements.

c) Stitching Units

Stitching units are designed keeping in view the hanging loads as well as illuminated and ventilated design in order to have a pleasant working environment for workers. We manufacture such type of buildings and provide all their related accessories like windows, louvers, exhaust fans and etc.

d) Production Unit

ASM Steel Buildings provide complete design, fabrication, and installation for production units at a very reasonable cost. We can offer complete solutions for complex units that require expertise during every stage.

e) Assembly Line

Most assembly lines are manufactured by using steel structures to achieve the required building services. We provide complete green building solutions for such structures.

f) Textile Unit

We have done many projects for textile mills in Pakistan. We provide special steel structures for textile units according to the requirements.

g) Fabrication Units

Fabrication is the most important step in industrial structure so every industry needs a special structure according to their fabrication requirements. ASM Steel Buildings provide all kind of fabrication units with special designed steel frame, roof, and power ventilation systems, etc.

ASM Project Process

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