Mega Marvels

a) Largest Commercial Hub

ASM Steel Buildings had the opportunity to create the largest steel buildings commercial hub in Quetta Pakistan having a covered area of 6.5 lacs square feet. ASM Steel buildings team finished the fabrication and installation process in a record time of 2.5 months.

b) Largest Clear Span Simply Supported Truss

ASM has constructed one of the largest clear-span simply supported truss in Pakistan for the Mardan sports complex having a clear width of 200 feet. The entire fabrication was done in a high-tech control facility and it was assembled on-site using high-strength bolts.

c) Exotic Structures

ASM Steel has constructed several exotic structures which include the arch-shaped aesthetically flowing Atrium Shopping Mall at Faisalabad. Our turn-key solution with unique on-site formability of standing-seam screw-less panels enabled design and functionality to be combined with technical perfection. Convex tight radii organic curve opened up a world of opportunities for creating striking architectural statements.

d) Biggest Shopping Malls

ASM Steel Buildings has supplied one of the largest single units standing seam roof for Packages Mall Lahore having a covered area of 250,000 square feet. The complex architectural design required roof panels with multiple giant openings therefore our specialized T-Seam aluminum roof panels ensured complete water tightness by welded inter-faces.

ASM Project Process

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